Plan Buffalo-Niagara: Community-based regeneration and sustainability

Reigniting the economy and community in Buffalo through a multi-phase engagement program that connects people, ideas, businesses and resources.


In asking current residents and Buffalo natives to describe their city, the common thread was city pride. The winter is harsh and the city is grity. But Buffalo always lands on its feet. Buffalo is a vibrant neighborly city and a place teeming with possibility and love. Bridging the great divide across Main Street, Buffalonians share a common love for their home. This passion is the most powerful existing resource of the city.


We will create a movement rooted in that pride: The Made in Buffalo movement. The goal of the movement is to create opportunities for people to stay, return and discover Buffalo by expanding and augmenting the economic ecosystem of Buffalo. We belive a healthy city is a vibrant city: one where people can work, can create and can live in a state of possibility. Our movement will consist of the following campaigns.


In the short-term, the first step is to create a website consolidating the exciting happenings, businesses, and resources available, accompanied by the “Made in Buffalo” word-of-mouth campaign. This will be a one-stop shop to aggregate and access how to engage in revitalization efforts.


The mid-term plan has two components. The first is identifying, connecting and strengthening existing resources. Analyizing, publicizing, and expanding the existing Breakfast Briefings will create a stronger local businesses community. Connecting the movers and shakers in Buffalo, creating video archives, and developing mentorship opportunities will increase the entrepreneurship awareness and opportunities in Buffalo. The second project is a new undertaking: creating an annual business plan pitch competition financed by a venture capital company designed to bring talent and business opportunities to the city.


The long-term plan is to implement a multi-faceted fellowship. This will bring current and previous Buffalo residents together with nationwide thought leaders to address community issues. This fellowship will provide a sustainable plan for city improvement to address issues unique to the Buffalo community for years to come.

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Community. Connections. Business. Change. Learn how #MadeinBuffalo sets precedents in cultivating #citieswewant #SBNY12
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Love seeing urban renewal initiatives take shape on @nationbuilder
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Love seeing urban renewal initiatives take shape on @nationbuilder
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Love seeing urban renewal initiatives take shape on @nationbuilder
Made in Buffalo
Community-based regeneration of the Buffalo-Niagara region through social enterprise